Villa Monticelli – 96 Rue Commandant Rolland

13008 MARSEILLE – Tel : 04 91 22 15 20

GPS Coordinates :

43°16′ 17.38 N – 5°22′ 56.97 E

Arrival in Marseille from highway North (A7), The highway of the Littoral (A55)

Drive towards Marseille city centre passing through the tunnel under the Vieux Port, head off to  Palais des Congrès, Velodrome stadium by taking Charles Livon Boulevard, then the J.F.Kennedy  Corniche.
As you reach the Prado beaches, before following the President Pompidou parkway, turn left (Commandant Rolland Street), there is a pharmacy around the corner.
Drive towards the Commandant Rolland street up to the N° 96 curving around Bagatelle Park on the left.

NEW FAST ACCESS : At the exit of the tunnel under the Vieux Port, stay to the left and drive into the Prado Carénage  tunnel heading to Aubagne/Toulon (pay toll). At the exit, carry driving through the South Prado  tunnel following the signs ‘Plages’ (beaches) & ‘Stade Vélodrome’ (velodrome stadium), exit at Prado  Avenue, ‘Plages’. At the first traffic light, turn right onto ‘Rue Paradis’, then the 4th on the left, Frédéric Mistral Street.  Go around the Monticelli Square, go down to Ambroise Pare’s Street to the left then turn right twice,  you have then arrived.

Arrival in Marseille from the East highway (A50).

Follow Boulevard Vincent Delpuech (continuity of the motorway) then Jules Cantini Avenue and drive  towards Avenue du Prado.
Onto Avenue du Prado, take the opposite direction of ‘Place Castellane’ towards ‘Rond Point du  Prado’ then keep right onto Avenue du Prado towards beaches.
Take the 7th Street on the right (just past the intersection with ‘Rue de Paradis’) Avenue de la  Cadenelle.
At the Avenue de la Cadenelle, heading to Parc Bagatelle, go up to the right into Commandant Rolland Street until you reach N°96.

NEW FAST ACCESS : At the exit from A50 motorway, encompass the Europe roundabout (Rond Point de l’Europe)  and keep left. Take the Arthur Scott Street (rue Arthur Scot) then drive into the South  Praqdo tunnel (following the signs ‘Les Plages’ and ‘Stade Vélodrome’). At the first traffic  light, turn right towards ‘La rue Paradis’ then keep going and turn into the 4th Street on the  left called rue Frédéric Mistral. Circumvent Square Monticelli (go down left onto the Rue  Ambroise Paré) then turn right twice, you have then arrived.

Arriving by train, from Saint Charles railway station.

A taxi rank is available or you can use the underground. It will take you 15 to 20 minutes to Villa Monticelli.
Use line N°2 towards Ste Marguerite/Dromel. From Monday to Friday (from  7.00 am to 6.00pm) – Get off at station ‘Périer’, the 4th stop from the station, then use Bus  N°86 which will lead you to the 6th – 8th districts town hall stop, opposite our guesthouse.

Another option would be to stop to Prado roundabout, the next station.

From the Prado roundabout, you can actually walk to the Monticelli Villa (about 10 minutes).  Take the direction of ‘Avenue du Prado’ (towards beaches) on the right pavement. Once you  pass by the ‘Rue du Paradis’, turn right via the street which rises slightly. Then take the 3rd turning to the left (rue Dumont Durville). At the far end of this street, you will intersect Rue du Commandant Rolland. Turn right. You have then arrived – 2 nd property on the left, N°96.

Upon exiting the metro, you might keep and use the same travel card which will allows you  to shorten your walk. In that case, walk onto Avenue du Prado towards ‘les plages’/’beaches’  and catch bus N°83 on the first stop and get off at ‘Saint Exupéry’.

If you decide to walk, take the ‘Rue de la Cadenelle’ on the right to bypass the town hall, go  right onto Commandant Street and carry on until you reach N°96.

Arriving from Marseille Provence Airport :

You may of course use a public taxi service (approximate cost: around 60€, applicable until  8.00pm). UBER transport services also operate in Marseille.
Private car rental service with bilingual driver on prior arrangement – cost : 75€ a day and 110€ from 8.00pm to 2.00am.

Otherwise, shuttle services operate every 20 minutes (cost: 6€ or 7€) and bring you back to  Marseille up to St Charles railway Station. Our guesthouse, Villa Monticelli, can be easily  reached from St Charles Station (see heading above).